Data from the Earth Day Litter Cleanup

Earth Day Litter Pick-Up Location: East Grand Avenue, near Walmart Date: April 22 nd , 2021 32 36 517 91 529 135 357 59 Styrofoam glass plastic aluminum paper (napkins, fast food containers, receipts) fabric/cloth (masks) cardboard (fast food containers) other: Observations and inferences about our data: -There was a lot of litter: 1,756 pieces in an eighth of a mile strip of land! -There was at least 30 pieces of trash of each material type. -Paper has the most, followed closely by plastic, followed by cardboard. -Styrofoam is the least material of the litter we collected. -The vast majority of the litter clearly came from fast food containers or from the Walmart (identifying labels on the litter). -The data reflects what we use.  We use a lot of plastic, so there’s a lot